Tool: Towards a General Activity Plan of 2017

As for the planning to be in coherence with the directions of the General Assembly and mainly in regards to: 1) more engagement of the members of IF 2) cooperation and share of information and experiences among the members and the groups 3) creating an organizational dynamic which preserve the political characteristic of IF. We propose the down below model to follow. This model have been used in several cases where direct physical meeting of active members is not possible, with groups who are mostly self-sustained, and where the individual capacity and small groups capacity is high, as it is the case of many political groups around the globe, working for just causes and challenging the colonial systems and the neoliberal regimes using all legal and legitimate means.

Such model will impulse independency and freedom in acting; commitment to the general goals/directions of IF and the commonly set aims of the groups; and will develop creativity in solving the problems as those are presented.

Important to note that, this document is first and foremost for the groups to have, and only them have the decision of how much of it they want to present to the planning committee. The planning committee is primarily interested in the Aims, Activities and date of each event to plot the general plan of IF National, and make all actions seen and properly distributed across the year for better cooperation, coordination and achieving of goals. The rest of the information are important for the group to build their progression towards reaching the common goals, and for the secretariat and the Steering Committee for follow ups and for taking the corresponding political decisions.

The table below contains what can become a more complex strategizing tool. But as a basic tool, it will show the group all the activities, actions, events and mobilizations they plan to do, in time, place, resources, friends of the cause, and what financial assets they could need.

If you wish to take the tool into a more complex level, all the mentioned elements around any of the events could be analyzed and answered to. And with this reduce risks of failure and increase the capacity to act on the causes we believe in, and for setting future aims, more ambitious and in-depth.

For the basic tool, we will exemplify it in the below table.


the following is only an example, although it tends to approach reality, it is still an example and NOT a concrete proposition – you are mostly welcome to adapt and make it a concrete plan if it is of consideration.

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