Migration Campaign 2017

"Human Rights don't apply here"

Migration campaign 2017 - International forum

All human beings, regardless of colour, birthplace, language, gender or beliefs should have human rights. Artificial national boundaries, just lines on a map, doesn't match human needs nor wills.

The discussion around "Refugee crisis" turned into an over exploited concept in mass media within the capitalist system that ended up arising fear among population, which has been translated into an increasing militarization of borders, deepened state racism, inhuman living conditions in the camps, massive deportations and rising inequality. Furthermore, the real crisis is located outside Europe and North-America where the consequences of colonialism, neo-liberal policies, warfare, imperialist and economic interests have forced people to leave their homes.

This fear is feeding the racism that impregnates liberal, conservative, social democrats and right winged political parties and movements. The hate speech towards immigrants and refugees has been recurrently used whenever States were not able to provide safety or economic stability to citizens and needed someone to put the blame on. This discourse (re)gains ground within the political and social spectrum whenever the context is uncertain and rejection eludes a deeper understanding. So we end up having politicians such as Trump, Marine Le Pen, Viktor Orbanor or Norbert Hofer who, through populist discourses, give people somewhere to direct their anger.

The increasing tendency of border closure and securitization, exemplified with Brexit, confirms that border controls are racist in character and decided through the interests of a system that institutionalized racism.

Western States have been benefiting economically out of the wars that are being suffered in other geographical regions; be it Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Congo, Uganda or Syria. Forcing people to flee in seek for asylum. Capitalist states use them as scapegoats and by perpetuating the anti-migrant/refugee discourse induce people to think that unemployment, poverty, economic and social crisis in society are caused by refugees.

We say no to state racism. We make an open call to fight against the capitalist states and defend the immigrants and refugees rights. With this campaign, International Forum aims to emphasize the relevance of raise awareness, re-thinking the discourse and organizing from below.


Fight state racism- No human being is illegal!

No borders – No nations!

Long live internationalism!


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