May Political Spring School


Join our three day inspirational, global activist school

Date: Friday the 19th of May to Sunday the 21st of May 2017.

How do we mobilize and organize for systemic changes? And how can we use our voices and bodies to challenge the status quo of the current system? Join us for three days of activist schooling, where we will learn about the structures and dynamics of powerful corporations, political institutions and patriarchal structures. Through workshops and practical training, we will zoom in on strategies for alternatives, civil disobedience and feminist perspectives, taking point of departure in local and global struggles.

The Political Spring School aims to increase the participants understanding of complex economic and political structures, inspire to new forms of actions and mobilization and provide specific tools to help you in the work as activists. The School will bring together activists from Afrika Kontakt, NOAH – Friends of the Earth, MAK and International Forum Sealand. We hope to create an exciting and exhilarating platform for strategic discussions and knowledge sharing. We hope that you will join us.

Overall Themes

1) Power Analysis – Which institutions, corporations and political and economic elites holds power today? and how can we challenge them?

2) Connecting struggles for system change – How do we connect local and global struggles for global justice and alternatives that put people and the planet before profit?  

3) Feminism for system change - How can we include feminist perspectives in our work, and how can we get inspiration from feminist movements in Africa, Asia and América.


Glanis Changachirere - Institue for Young women’s Development, Zimbabwe

Glanis is a Zimbabwean feminist and women’s rights activist, with several years of experience in mobilizing young women in to challenge patriarchal structures and push for political change in Zimbabwe.

Jean Gocotano - Au Pair network FOA – Philippines/ Denmark
Jean is a Philippian women’s rights activist and spokesperson for the Danish Au pair network. She is engaged in mobilizing au pairs in Denmark as well as part of the Global Mass Movement one billion rising – A movement fighting against the violence against women.

Climate Collective, Denmark 

The Climate Collective is an anticapitalistic action based collective. Though creative activism and civil disobedience they confront destructive climate and environmental policies and corporations. The collective has experience with civil disobedience from major mass actions such as Ende Gelände, blockade of a Danish coal power plant and from the Danish anti-fracking movement against the test drilling done by the French Multinational company Total.

Speaker on connecting struggles and power structures – TBA

  • More information on program and speakers will come soon.

Practical information

The School includes a full three day program (from around 11 am to 6 pm) of combined presentations, workshops and practical training. It will take place at the progressive cultural collective, Makvärket, approximately one hour from Copenhagen. We encourage you to participate all three days, but if this is not possible you are welcome to participate for only one or two days.

Registration and participation fee
To register send an e-mail with your name, organization and working group to 
Please write a few lines about your motivation for participating and hopes/ expectations to the days.

To participate costs 100 DKK a day. This includes fresh organic meals, snacks, coffee/ tea and accommodation in cozy dorm rooms at Mäkvärket.

Deadline for registration: 1st of May - But to ensure a spot on the school you can register already now.


Makvärket, Teglværksvej 30, 4420 Regstrup

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