Here is the history of Gabriela...

GABRIELAOn October 28, 1983, at the height of tha Filipino people's unrest over the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, more than ten thousands women took to the streets to decry the regimes fascist rule and the assassination  of Senator Benigno.

This show of unity was strengthened further on March 10 to 11, 1984 when women representing various organization, institutions and groups gathered in St. Scholastica's College. They affirmed their commitment to serve women and the people and to fight the dictatorship.

They named themselves GABRIELA, in recognition of Gabriela Silang, the Filipina who centuries before broke free from the traditional role of women and led a fight against the Spanish colonizers.

GABRIELA stands for GENERAL ASSEMBLY BINDING WOMEN FOR REFORM, Integrity, Equality, Leadership and Advocacy.

  • We aspire for a sovereign society, free from foreign domination and intervention;
  • with a self-reliant economy geared towards the people's needs and gives equal value to the role of women in production;
  • where land belongs to the tillers and recognizes women's equal right to own land;
  • a democratic government where the people's right - including women's rights - are upheld, respected and guaranteed and women political participation is ensured and;
  • a socio-cultural system that is devoid of patriarchal values, gender oppression, discrimination and violence.

GABRIELA organizes Filipino women,primarily from marginalized sectors of society, and helps educate and empower them to fight for their rights and interest through collective action.

We launch women's rights campaign, such as The Purple Rose Campaign Againts Sex trafficking, Vow to Fight VAW, Free Our Sister/Free Ourselves and also conduct policy advocacy together with Gabriela Women's Party.

We provide direct services to marginalized women including counselling services to women survivors of violence against women (VAW),medical mission, free clinics, relief and rehabilitation in times of disaster and capability-building trainings on women's health and women's rights.

We network and link with other local and International women's organization and institutions for cooperation and mutual support as well as with other people's organization in the Philippines and in other countries.

GABRIELA is agrassroots-based alliance of more than 200 organizations, institutions, desks and programs based in communities, work places and schools throughout all regions and major provinces and cities in the Philippines. It also has chapters in the United States, Hong Kong, Japan and Netherlands, and organizing commitees in United Arab Emirates, Italy and Taiwan.

Among the major member organizations of GABRIELA are Amihan National Federation of Peasants Women, SAMAKANA or Association of United Urban Poor Women, KMK or Women Workers Movement, Center for Women's Resources, INNABUYOG  Alliance of Indigenous Women's Organizations, khadidja Moro Islamic Women of Davao United for Self- Determination and Democracy,and the Salinlahi alliance for Children's Concern.