Coordinating meeting: Boycott Israel activism / Communal election

Boykot Israel


Coordinating meeting for Pro-Palestinian activism and Boycott Israel activism during the Communal elections


Dear comrades!

On behalf of Internationalt Forum Copenhagen, we are calling a meeting for all interested activists. The goal of the meeting will be to coordinate and plan activities for highlighting the plight of the Palestinians under occupation and to put pressure on Danish politicians to take action by advocating the de-investment of state and communal assets in Israeli companies supporting the occupation. Amongst others these include the Security firm G4S which operates on several public building contracts.

We in no way wish to impose our campaign on others but hope that you will join us in creating shared materials and to facilitate a way for us all to communicate about our activities and plan joint actions, demonstrations and press announcements.

We hope to see you on the 7th of October at 2 pm. in Solidaritetshuset above Solidaritetsbutikken. If you have anything you want on the agenda please let us know.

Please spread the event to other interested parties and groups. We look forward to seeing you!

Internationalt Forum Copenhagen


Griffenfeldsgade 41, 2200 København

IF København