Arna's Children - documentary about Palestinian art activism

Arna's children is a new film in IF's library. You can borrow it if you are a member of IF.

Arna's Children is Juliano Mer Khamis' documentary on his mother, Arna, an activist against the Israeli occupation who founded an alternative education system for Palestinian children during the 1st Intifada (1987-1993). She recieved the Alternative Nobel Price for this work and the money were used to build "The Stone Theatre" in Jenin Refugee Camp, for the children. The film is telling about the life of "her children"; also years later, when some of them were defending the camp during The Israeli Invasion in 2002 (during the 2nd Intifada 200-2005).

This is the background for why The Freedom Theatre was started in Jenin Refugee Camp in 2006 - and one of the founders was Juliano Mer Khamis. The new generation needed some strong weapons against the Israeli Occupation; they became The Resistance of Art.

Juliano Mer Khamis was murdered outside the theatre in 2011, but the theatre, with all it's activities went on; see for more information of the theatre today.